The Berkley High School Fishing Club is an interactive online fishing club for all high school students and their coaches in the US. High school students and coaches will have the chance to complete monthly challenges in order to gain points to win Berkley products. This interactive club encourages and challenges students to learn new fishing skills and techniques and raises awareness of environmental stewardship and conservation. High school students will compete individually against other students to become the best angler in the nation and high school teams will compete against other teams to become the winners of The Challenge.


  1. High School Students: (Ages 13-19) Students may compete individually as well as a part of a fishing team. Students will gain points by completely monthly challenges to redeem Berkley prizes
  2. High School Team Coaches: gain points by completely team tasks and monthly challenges for the chance to win “The Challenge”

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Coaches and teams, want to know how to get your high school team involved in the challenge? Compete with other teams around the nation for the chance to win $4000 in Berkley and Abu Garcia products. Beginning August 1st, gain team points by completing the team tasks and individual tasks that could put your team in the winner circle in May 2016.

How the challenge works:

Coaches and students register for the online club and complete the challenges for points. Coaches report on activities that are completed by the club; students report on activities that they can do by themselves. At the end of the Challenge season, the schools with the most points will win prizes. Coaches and students will have the opportunity to win prizes throughout the Challenge season so be sure to check in often to see what new challenge you can be doing for prizes and points!

Time Period: August 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016; students may continue to participate in the online Club year round.



Grand Prize: $4000 in fishing product from Berkley® and/or Abu Garcia® and an awards ceremony at the winner school that includes a fishing celebrity at the presentation of the Berkley 1st place trophy

Second Place: $1500 in fishing product from Berkley® and/or Abu Garcia®, custom hats, and Berkley 2nd place trophy

Third Place: $500 in fishing product from Berkley® and/or Abu Garcia®, custom hats, and Berkley 3rd place trophy

Best Team (per region): $500 fishing product from Berkley® and/or Abu Garcia®



Student Angler of the Year: (Student who earns most individual points) $500 in fishing product from Berkley® and/or Abu Garcia®

Senior Angler Scholarship: $500 college scholarship from Berkley®

Best Student Anger (per region): Custom Berkley® Jersey with your name on it

Student Angler of the Month: Abu Garcia® Revo Toro® Reel

Best Recruiter: One Berkley® Spinning or Casting Rod